Fai Historia con nós, a pandemia non nos para

Amosamos alumnos e alumnas que remataron estudos na facultade de Historia de Ourense e contamos como levan a caba a súa vida profesional porque a pandemia non nos para.



Anexos Guías Docentes RD 463/2020

Modificacións das guías docentes do segundo cuadrimestre en relación coa situación de crisis sanitaria ocasionada pola Covid-19.



III Olimpíada Galega de Historia “Fai Historia con nós”

Remote Campus

The Remote Campus is the new service which centralise in an only place the different online teaching tools from the University of Vigo: FaiTIC, live Online-clases, and the teachers fórum.

Blended learning Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History

The blended learning mode is a way to study your degree at distance. With the help of online materials, and having to attend to on-site or online tutorials, previously arranged with the person responsible for the subject, as well as attending the evaluation tests, you can achieve your degree in Geography and History without having to attend to classes every day.

Opportunity of attending on-campus classes.
Direct contact with the teachers responsible for the subject.
Possibility of continuous evaluation.
Possibility of contact with the on-campus students and with the Student Delegation of the Faculty of History.
Personalized attention.