The Faculty of History of the University of Vigo convenes the III Galician History Olimpiad. Make History with us!


  • To promote the interest in History of the secondary school students.
  • To raise awareness on the importance of teaching and learning History at the level tan other subjects from different knowledge areas.
  • To highlight the recreational aspect of the learning of History and the possibility of using this sytstem as an evaluating element in the secondary schools.
  • To strengthen the relations between the secondary schools and the University of Vigo.
  • To make the Faculty of History and the Campus of Ourense known among the students interested on the humanistic field.
  • To promote the relevance of the humanistic disciplines to understand today’s world and its improvement.



The registration closes on April 23, 2021, at 2 pm.

The registration must be carried out by the responsible teacher through this form and this authorisation which must be sent to the email, giving as a subject II History Galician Olimpiad. Do History with us.