Position Name
Caamaño Rodríguez, Yerai
Domínguez Carrera, Lucía
González Jorge, David
Lozano Ramírez, Amado Tierra
Martiñá Álvarez, María
Nava Castro, Alexandra
Rama Mosquera, Alejandro
Rodríguez Álvarez, Lucía

Student Delegation Regulation

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Student representatives 2021-2022

Year Representative
1st year Domínguez Carrera, Lucía
Martiñá Álvarez, María
2nd year González Jorge, David
3rd year Nava Cuervo, Alexandra
4th year Caamaño Rodríguez, Yerai
Lozano Ramírez, Tierra
Joint’s Bachelor’s Degree Ribas Parcero, Andrea
Rama Mosquera, Alejandro



The duties of the Student Delegation are:

  • To act as dialogue bodies with the academic authorities in the establishment of an adeccuate information on the university life.
  • To manage the resources.
  • To promote and coordinate activities on university extension.
  • To chose their representatives in light of any authority, institution or organisation when there is no election regulation.



Student Delegation
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