(Renewed in Faculty Board meeting on the 18/03/2022, modified on the 29/04/2022)

Position Name
President Prada Rodríguez, Julio
Secretary Rodríguez Teijeiro, Domingo
Quality Coordinator Presedo Garazo, Antonio
Quality Collaborator López Díaz, María
Bachelor’s Degrees Coordinator Vaquero Díaz, Beatriz
Master’s Degrees Coordinator/ Repres. Dpt Pérez Losada, Fermín
Master’s Degrees Coordinator/ Equality liason Reboreda Morillo, Susana
Representative of the Teaching Staff Barriocanal López, Yolanda
Campos Álvarez, Xosé Ramón
Comendador Rey, Beatriz
Representative of the students Domínguez Carrera, Lucía
Representative of the Administrative and Service Staff Rodríguez Bouzas, Josefa
Representative of the Alumni Campos Seijo, Fco. Borja
Representative of the society Díaz Naya, Rosa Mª
Representative of the Administrator (by delegation) Arribas Álvarez, M. Carmen


  • To discuss and validate if the proposal of policy and objectives of quality is applicable.
  • To discuss and validate if the proposal of the Quality Manual and the proposals of the Quality Guarantee System of the centre are applicable.
  • To monitor the different programmes linked to the quality improvement of the centre and the related degrees, as well as to suggest the appropiate improvements.
  • To collaborate with the implementation, development and monitoring of the Quality Guarantee System.
  • To discuss, propose and monitor the quality improvement actions, in order to continuously promote the teaching quality by all the means and processes involved, through a ongoing cooperation between the departments and other collegiate bodies which have responsibilities in this area.
  • To actively participate in all those academic processes related to the teaching offer of the centre (new degrees, modification and/or degrees suspension or termination), elaborating a evaluating report if it is consider necessary or appropriate in regards to the current regulation.
  • To exchange, discuss and propose the centre participation in the institutional, national and international plans in the area of quality.



Quality Guarantee System Schedule

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