Academic level Bachelor’s Degree
Branch of knowledge Art and Humanities
Type and mode of education Official (adapted to the EHEA). Classroom education
Number of entry-level places 10
Language of the Degree Spanish, Galician
Implementation Schedule During the academic year 2017/2018 the 1st year was implemented, and, yearly, during the following academic years 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year, so the implementation will have been completed in the year 2022/2023.
Number of ECTS 363 in total:

  • 108 Basic Education ECTS: 60 Tourism + 48 G. and H.
  • 282 Mandatory ECTS: 144 Tourism + 138 G. and H.
  • 24 External internships ECTS: 12 Tourism + 12 G. and H.
  • 24 Bachelor’s Degree Final Project ECTS: 12 Tourism + 12 G. and H.
Minimum number of ECTS in enrolment The students must enrol full time and pass at least 60 credits each of the first 3 years in the programme.
Duration 6 years – 11 terms
Verification, publication and modification data of the Study Plan and approval of the degree Approval of the Government Council of the University of Vigo: 20/03/2017
Report on the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Tourism – History.
Teaching centres Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism (Campus of Ourense)
Faculty of History (Campus of Ourense)