Royal Decree of July 11, which regulates the performance of external academic intherships by university students
External Internships Regulation of the University of Vigo (Governing Council, May 24, 2012)
Instructions for the development of curricular external academic internships in the UVigo
>External Internships Regulation of the Faculty of History (Faculty Board, May 4, 2017)


Table on the main features about the internships performance

Hours 240 on-site hours:

  • Through the academic year on a reduced schedule.
  • June/July/August: part time or full time.
60 hours on the preparations, tutorials, reports preparation, etc.
Requirements for students To have passed the 50% of the ECTS credits in the Degree.
To be enrolled in the subject “Internships” in the 4th year of the Degree.
To have paid the school insurance (the insurance Cum Laude for those over 26).
Not to have any contractual relation with the collaborating entity.
Required documentation from the mentor in the collaborating entity After the internships: Internship Final Report
(to handle to the academic mentor)
Required documentation from the students Before the internship: Internship Request File
(to hand in the Secretariat of the Dean Office)
After the Internship: report and briefing on the internships
(to handle to the academic mentors)
Required documentation for the academic mentor Before the internship: specific training programme for each student
(to handle to the Internships Committee, the collaborating entity and the student)
After the internship:

  • Internship Report and evaluation on the students
  • Supporting document of the internship for the student

(to handle to the Internships Committee)