(Renewed in Faculty Board meeting on the 18/03/2022)


  • Prada Rodríguez, Julio


  • Arribas Álvarez, M. Carmen
  • Presedo Garazo, Antonio


  • Rodríguez Teijeiro, Domingo

Academic Staff

  • Barriocanal López, Yolanda
  • Comendador Rey, Beatriz
  • López Díaz, María
  • Vaquero Díaz, María Beatriz


  • Rama Mosquera, Alejandro

Administrative and Services Staff

  • Rodríguez Bouzas, Josefa


The Permanent Committee has competence on the knowing and deciding on the following issues:

  • To request academic validations and adaptations.
  • To request processes in the curricular evaluation.
  • To approve the cultural activities.
  • To approve the examining boards for the five-year degree thesis.
  • To decide on small amount expenses.
  • To resolve applications on the Erasmus programme.
  • To resolve applications on the SICUE programme.

This committee will take on any other tasks expressly delegated by the Faculty Board or given by the Internal Regulation on the Faculty of History, as well as other superior regulations.