Information for Secondary Schools

quick guide

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There is a quick guide on the studies of Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History from the Faculty of History which informs the Secondary Schools on the different contents of the degree:

  • General description of the degree
  • Studies structure
  • External internships
  • Bachelor’s Degree Final Project
  • Study visit
  • Mobility Programmes
  • Useful contacts


Orientation Sessions

The Faculty of History in the Campus of Ourense offers to all the educative centres or interested groups very interesting talks/games of one hour called: “I am… what do you want to be?”, to show students some examples of graduated in Geography and History who are now entrepreneurs in innovative fields related with humanities.

Together with this activity we offer the possibility of hosting a travelling exhibition on the career opportunities of the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History. It consists on a 1×2 brick which show some examples of these graduate students.

The exhibition transfer (from 1 to 3 weeks) is free and includes the transportation and the installation.

orientación IES