The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project must be a personal work in which the students build their own discourse. When other’s ideas or words are used, the authorship must be expressly accredited

The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project is a mandatory 12 ECTS credits subject that takes place in the second term of the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History. It includes the student’s defence of a monitored project in which the educative contents and competences in the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History are applied and develop in an integrate way. It cannot be in any case a previously presented assessment in any subject of the degree, even though it might integrate or develop working lines started during any stage of the degree.

The project can be an experimental work, theoretical, on research or use of historical sources, artistic productions, cartographic materials, etc., on literature review or thematic deepening, a report on a fieldwork or a report on activities (cultural and heritage management, museums, technological applications, etc.) in fields related with the degree.


Faculty of History | University of Vigo
Protocol on the qualification of the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project review


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project – year 2020/2021

Bachelor’s Degree Final Projects Awards

Grants to write and defend thesis, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees Final Projects in Galician, 2018/19
Deadline for submission: until the 30th of August, 2019


Schedule for the defence of Bachelor’s Degree Final Projects

Schedule for the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project 2020/2021


Process Date
Briefing (for students in 4th year) 2nd fortnight of September, 2020
Offer of Bachelor’s Degrees Final Projects by mentor From the 1 to the 15 of October, 2020
Non offered student requests From the 16 to the 31 of October, 2020
Publication of the provisional allocations From the 1 to the 15 of November, 2020
Appellate procedure on the allocations From the 16 to the 22 of November, 2020
Publication of definitive allocations From the 22 of November to the 5 of November, 2020
Definitive allocation



Call Defence request Deadline for deposit Defence
1st option
from the 04/11/2020 or the 13/11/2020 to the 13/11/2020 from the 18/11/2020 or the 20/11/2020
Timetables and examining boards
2nd option
from the 09/06/2021 or the 18/06/2021 from the 18/06/2021 from the 23/06/2021 or the 25/06/2021
Timetables and examining boards
3rd option
from the 06/07/2021 or the 15/07/2021 to the 15/07/2021 from the 20/07/2021 or the 22/07/2021
Timetables and examining boards
4th option
from the 01/09/2021 or the 09/09/2021 to the 09/09/2021 from the 13/09/2021 or the 15/09/2021
Timetables and examining boards


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Coordination

Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

Julio Prada Rodríguez
+34 988 387 288

Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Committee

Susana Reboreda Morillo – Dean
Julio Prada – Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project
Antonio Presedo Garazo – Teaching Staff (Secretary)
Ferreiro Calvo, Mireya – Students
Josefa Rodríguez Bouzas – Administrative and service staff