Who is it designed for?

People interested in:

Coñecer o noso pasado histórico
Saber máis das manifestacións artísticas
Entender o noso medio físico, natural e humano


And characterised by:

Ter espírito crítico
Gustarlles a lectura
Posuír respecto pola diversidade


What does blended learning mean?

The blended learning mode is a way to study your degree at distance. With the help of online materials, and having to attend to on-site or online tutorials, previously arranged with the person responsible for the subject, as well as attending the evaluation tests, you can achieve your degree in Geography and History without having to attend to classes every day.

What are the reasons to be allowed to enrol the blended learning mode?

This degree has been designed for people with work commitments, with a family life to reconcile, people with special educative needs or professional athletes, this is, people who have not got enough time to attend to the on-site degree but want to continue their education and study Geography and History. If you are in this situation you can carry out the degree in the blended learning mode.

As a novelty, since year 2020/2021, it can be requested by those who justify economic difficulties.

Advantages of this mode

The blended learning degree has the following advantages:

  • Possibility to attend to on-site classes.
  • Direct contact with the teacher staff responsible of the subjects.
  • Possibility to subscribe the continuous evaluation.
  • Possibility to have contact with the students from the on-site mode and with the Student Delegation of the Faculty of History.
  • Personalised service.

Enrolment and enrolment periods

Enrol the Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History is very easy as the procedures are the same than in the on-site mode.

Which is the enrolment procedure?

The request for the blended learning mode should be carried out through the electronic office of the University of Vigo (access through the virtual secretariat) and directed to the BACHELOR’S DEGREES AREA of EDUCATION SCIENCES AND HISTORY). On it you should include the request form, and, if exists, documentation that justifies that you cannot attend to classes.

For any questions, the mail address enabled to get in touch with the students’ secretariat is: secfho@uvigo.es

Is it necessary to enrol all the subject of a year?

This mode started due to the lack of time or means of people who wanted to study this degree, but could not do so. This is why we want to continue facilitating the access to education by introducing the partial enrolment, meaning that is it not compulsory to enrol in every subject, but at least 2 subjects each term. This way you can follow your rhythm, without any pressure and enrolling the number of subjects that is more suitable for your personal situation.

Enrolment periods

See in virtual secretariat (Annex I)


Subjects and teaching staff

How is the teaching material accessed?

Once you have enrolled the degree you will be able to automatically access all the material necessary to develop the degree through the Virtual Platform for online teaching of the University of Vigo, MOOVI. In the online material you can find the Study Guide, the theoretical content, the activities to be carried out and the information on the evaluation process of each subject.

How is the teaching staff responsible for each subject contacted?

The realisation of a degree at distance fundamentally depends on the study of the online materials uploaded to the virtual platform and on the tutorials with the teaching staff used to resolve questions, make consultations and resolve any problem that can arise during the study process. Therefore it is extremely important to contact the teaching staff at the beginning of the term through email to set an on-site tutorial or through the Campus Remoto.


Further information

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