(Renewed in Faculty Board meeting on the 15/01/2021)

Dean Team Members

  • Reboreda Morillo, Susana
  • Cadilla Lomba, Josefina (Secretary)
  • Arribas Álvarez, M. Carmen
  • Fernández Fernández, Adolfo

Permanent Academic Staff

  • Barriocanal López, Yolanda
  • Comendador Rey, Beatriz
  • López Díaz, María
  • Pérez Losada, Fermín
  • Pérez Rodríguez, Francisco José
  • Prada Rodríguez, Julio
  • Presedo Garazo, Antonio
  • Rodríguez Teijeiro, Domingo
  • Uña Álvarez, Elena de
  • Vaquero Díaz, María Beatriz

Non-permanent Academic Staff

  • Campos Álvarez, Xosé Ramón


  • Casanova Cudeiro, Manuel
  • Crespo Nogueira, Alba
  • Diz Domínguez, Andrés
  • Ferreiro Calvo, Mireya
  • Herrero López, Yoguesvar
  • Lozano Ramírez, Amado Tierra
  • Valeiras Martínez, Ricardo Ignacio

Administrative and Services Staff

  • Julián Salnés, Higinio
  • Rodríguez Bouzas, Josefa


  • To elaborate, approve and modify the proposal for the Internal Regime Regulation.
  • To elect and revoke the Dean or Director.
  • To approve the annual budget distribution proposal of the centre.
  • To establish the educational objectives for the degrees and to ellaborate and approve the corresponding study plans.
  • To assure the proper functioning of all the bodies and services in the centre.
  • To resolve internal conflicts within the centre.
  • To promote and regulate the implementation of bachelor’s degree final projects, five-year degree thesis and complementary courses or activities needed to obtain the degrees.
  • To propose and implement the students access requirements and the assessment of their academic performance and achievements.
  • To efficiently and properly prepare and coordinate the timetables for the different subjects, monographic courses, specialisation courses, midterm and final exams; the space allocation, and the complementary services and trainings, as well as to enable control measures for the compliance of the teaching duties.
  • To liaise with other centres in order to facilitate the students’ election in the free-choice subjects of their programme.
  • To yearly approve the programmes for each subject submitted by the departments.
  • To allocate the assigned spaces.
  • Any other given in the statutes of the University of Vigo and in the current legislation.